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Applying CSS Customization

You can always write any custom CSS to modify the style of the checkout in any way you want. But the checkout has two layers of abstraction with CSS variables to help you do some easy modifications. Please use the devTool and inspect the :root (html) element to discover the variables. Below, we give you … Continued


Learn all about securing your Developer Dashboard account.

License Security

The User Dashboard offers builders, like agencies and freelancers, who work on client projects greater protection of their data and license through a special LICENSE SECURITY section available for every license. White Label Mode By flagging a license as “White Labeled”, license owners can easily hide confidential information about their account and license: This means … Continued

Ratings and Reviews

A proven practice for improving conversion rates is showing user ratings and reviews. Freemius helps you gather reviews automatically, out of the box and with zero setup. Managing Reviews Your product reviews can be managed via the Reviews section of the Developer Dashboard: Reviews Collection Verified Buyer Reviews A week after a purchase is made, … Continued

Special Coupons & Discounts

A subscriptions-based model thrives on conversions and renewals and dies by churn rate. To ensure you fall into the former category, we’ve implemented special contextual discounts to improve the commercial experience for your users and customers. You can access our four special discounts in the Developer Dashboard by navigating to Coupons and clicking on the … Continued

Migrating from ThemeForest to Freemius

With the help of our partners who migrated from ThemeForest to Freemius, we managed to develop a very simple and proven migration process that anyone can follow. Step I – Start to sell with Freemius Follow the getting started guide to… Create an account Create the theme on Freemius Configure its plans and prices Integrate … Continued

Safe Mode & Clone Resolution

Upon license key activation, Freemius assigns a unique ID and pair of public/secret keys tied to the website’s URL. These are used for securely extending the license expiration date after subscription renewals, checking if there are new plugin/theme updates, and allowing customers to execute other account-related remote (or local) actions that get synced back to … Continued

Product Retirement

End-of-life (EOL) is a natural part of a product’s lifecycle. Whatever the reason, a product should be retired gracefully and with respect to your customers. Below are some considerations and practices for retiring a product.

Gutenberg Block Integration

Developing blocks for the Gutenberg editor is quite straightforward these days as the project continues to mature; and there are numerous tutorials available to help create almost any type of block you want. However, knowing how to monetize a block is not so immediately obvious and requires some approaches that you may not be familiar … Continued